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Australia Implements New Student Visa Rules from July 1, 2023

Australia recently made significant changes to the regulations governing student visa. Student Visa Australia aims to retain and attract highly-skilled professionals while allowing students to focus on their studies and provide for them financially. New bilateral agreements and revised policies will enable Indian students studying at Australian universities more opportunities to work without requiring a visa sponsor. Work restrictions will also be reintroduced to balance education and employment. This blog will discover the new immigration rules in Australia and many other specifics of these changes and their implications.

Opportunities for Indian Students through the Introduction of the MATES Program

The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early Professionals Scheme (MATES) allows Indian students enrolled in Australian tertiary education institutions to apply to work for the country for a maximum of eight years without needing a visa sponsor. The scheme was created due to a bilateral agreement between India and Australia signed in June 2021. It is expected to make up to 3,000 positions.

Indian professionals specializing in engineering and information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, financial technologies, renewable energy, and mining are eligible for the Australia visa.

This new Australia student visa update program allows Indian graduates and professionals in their early careers to work and live in Australia for up to two years, encouraging greater mobility and talent exchange.

The following are the requirements for a MATES visa:
• Applicant should be below the age of 31
• You must have graduated from an accredited and verified university
• It must be a recent graduation
• An early career stage is required.

The Streamlined Visa Process for Skilled Professionals

Australia’s immigration system has been restructured to simplify obtaining permanent residency and expedite entry for highly-skilled workers. The government wants to streamline the visa process in Australia for highly-skilled professionals and focus on international students. By the end of this year, temporary skilled visa holders who had previously been denied the chance to apply for permanent residence will be able to do so. However, it is essential to note that according to Australian officials, this change won’t increase Australia’s annual intake for permanent migrants.

Changes to Post-Study Work Rights

On July 1, 2023, international higher education graduates with qualifying qualifications will be entitled to additional two-year post-study rights. This extension applies to the Temporary Graduation Visa (subclass 485) and allows eligible graduates to extend their time to gain valuable experience in Australia. This extension extends the one-to-two-year work rights that eligible students who study and live in regional areas already have.

Reintroduction Work Restrictions

A new rule implemented on July 1 will reintroduce restrictions to working hours for students in Australia. Students are limited to 48 hours of work per fortnight. This measure is meant to strike a balance between the educational obligations of students and their financial requirements. The government wants to make sure that students can prioritize their studies and still be able to provide for themselves financially by capping the number of working hours. This restriction does not apply to those who work in the aged-care sector. As of May 9, 2023, those working in the aged care industry can continue to work without restriction until December 31.

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Changes to Work Restriction Policy

During the pandemic, the student visa Australia work restriction is erased. They will be removed entirely in January 2022. This measure was taken to deal with workforce shortages across various sectors. Work restrictions will be reinstated once the situation has renewed focus on maintaining an effective education system. These changes highlight the imbalance between academic pursuits and employment opportunities for international students.

• Minimum wage
• Superannuation Rate Increase
• Visa fees are increasing
• Work Hours
• Work visa for post-study
• Modification in graduate work student visa
• TSMIT Increased
• Changes in Medical Examination

Additional Post-Study Work Visa

The Australian Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit, held in September 2022 in Australia, had several important outcomes. One of them was the extension of work rights to international graduates who have completed their studies in fields with a verified shortage of skills.

• Select Bachelor’s Degrees can be completed in 2 to 4 years.
• Select Masters’ degrees can be completed in 3 to 5 years.
• All doctorates can be completed in 4 to 6 years.

Visa Application Charges

Visa application fees will increase between 6 and 40% across all visa categories from the 1st July, 2023. Some of the new costs include:

• Student Visa (subclass 500) – AUD 710
• Visitor Visa (subclass 600) – Business Visitor Stream – AUD 190
• Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) – AUD 635 and many more.

It is crucial for aspiring visa applicants to take these new visa fees for Australia into account when making travel or educational plans.


The threshold for Temporary Skilled Migrant Income for 482 and 484, as of 1 July 2023, will be increased to $70,000. It is a great time to apply for a student visa for Australia from India and skilled professionals. With more skilled migration places available and immigration measures loosened, now is a good time to do so. The TSMIT standard determines the minimum wage employers must pay foreign workers for certain skilled occupations. The TSMIT has been increased to ensure that visa holders on temporary skilled visas are paid fairly and adequately. The Australian government aims to keep wages competitive for skilled workers by raising the threshold.


Recent changes in Australia’s visa for Indian students and other international students demonstrate the country’s commitment to providing quality education and attracting highly-skilled professionals. The Mobility Arrangements for Talented early-professionals Scheme offers new opportunities to Indian students. It allows them to work for Australia for eight years without visa sponsorship. The reintroduction of work restrictions aims to balance employment and education so that students can focus on their studies while still meeting their financial needs. These changes reflect Australia’s changing approach to immigration and its recognition of international students’ value to Australia’s workforce and culture.

The new Australian student visa requirements rules will make it hard for many foreign nationals who intend to study in Australia to change their plans after enrolling. The Government of Australia amended the Migration Act of 1958 for international students to minimize the risk of illegal activity.

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