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Stringent Regulations On Student Visas To Be Implemented By Australia

Australia is always a popular destination to pursue academic studies abroad. But, if you want to study here, international students should know about visa requirements for Australia. A student visa in Australia lets you look at your dream university according to course, duration, etc. However, you must meet all the requirements to apply for an Australia visa. You must know each aspect of when to use, what documents you need, and many others.

So, in this blog, we will discover the latest Australian student visa news that every student should know before applying for a visa. But, before that, we will explore the student visa Subclass 500.

What is Student Visa Subclass 500?

The subclass 500 student visa allows you to study full-time in Australia for five years. However, the visa facilitates the following:

1. You can apply online, no matter what the location is.
2. Take admission to an authorized academic program.
3. Work up to 40 hours every two weeks once the course is started. The work-hour cap for students on this visa will also be increased to 48 hours every two weeks beginning July 1, 2023.
4. Include a family member (spouse or dependent child) in the application.

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New Regulations About Australia Study Visa Requirements

The COVID outbreak has significantly impacted international student life to a certain extent. Even many students need help to return to Australia to continue their education. That’s why the Australian government released new student visa rules on 20th July. The Australian student’s new visa rules will encourage them and create a flexible to bring them back and start their education smoothly.

So, the new rules in Australia are:

1. Consideration of Online Classes

Due to Covid, the government now considers all the online classes outside Australia. It is now considered a part of Australia’s study requirement for existing and current admitted students.

2. Extra Time to Submit Documents

The applicants are given more time to submit English language test results which have been disrupted since March 2020 due to Covid. That’s why the government will grant time to applicants to submit their biometrics, character certificates, health checks, and other services.

3. International students will be well taken care of by the government

The government takes ownership of managing student financial hardship, which has been stuck in Australia for more than 12 months. Also, the government enables students to access their Australian superannuation (funds) before time. The government also protects international students from being evicted from their rental accommodation, using the same protection laws as Australian citizens.

4. Open Door of Border for International Student

The Australian government permits student visas from all locations outside the nation. It means that when the government reopens its border for a student, then they have their visa in hand and start their travel process.

5. Extension of Student Visa – Free of Cost

The international student can further apply for a student visa without any application charges if they can’t complete their registered course from the university within visa validity.

6. Students may request a post-study work visa

Graduates with student visas can now apply for post-study work visas in Australia. Also, students outside the nation can apply and can’t enter due to travel restrictions.

New Work Visa for Students in Australia

The post-study visa is available to international students who have finished their studies in Australia. The visa allows the student to work or look for jobs in Australia. Their stay can vary from 18 months up to 6 years, depending on the qualifications and area of study. So, two kinds of post–study work visa options are available.

1. Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa (Subclass 476)

The Skilled Graduate Visa (Subclass 476) is for international students that have completed their engineering studies in a designated institution within the last two years. The visa allows for a maximum stay of 18 months. Individuals with engineering degrees from an educational institution in the previous two years may stay 18 months, provided they are younger than 31.

2. Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485)

The Post-Study Stream visa is a popular choice for international students with a qualification that meets the requirements of an Australian educational institution. No matter which field of study the student pursued, they are eligible for this visa. The visa must be applied for within six months after completing the course. The duration of the stay depends on the qualifications. It can be between two and four; you must be under 50 and have completed a Bachelor’s Degree or higher. You must have a stay of between 2 and 4 years.


Australia is always the best country for higher education and employment. The nation is always warm and friendly towards its international students. The visa process in Australia is simple in comparison to other countries. So, if you have decided to go to Australia, it’s time to apply to the best universities. Ritam Global, one of the leading study abroad agencies in India is here with you and helps throughout the college application process.

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