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Top Courses To Study In Australia After 12th Arts

In respect of education, Australia has become a popular destination among students. This “land of kangaroos” has many foreign students worldwide, with other leading countries being the United States, Canada and the UK being another attractive destination. However, higher education aspirants are attracted to top courses in Australia after 12th arts as the country is the fastest growing in the education world.

The scope of arts courses after 12th is vast, from getting expertise in subjects like political science, history etc., to take up more hands-on other subjects like fashion, music and visual arts. After completing 12th grade, there are numerous courses available in the arts stream that can help students develop analytical thought processes, research skills, and a deep understanding of various concepts. Even after completing the bachelor programs, students can pursue another professional career.

So, in this blog, we elaborate on some of the top courses in Australia after 12th arts that you can pursue and make a successful career ahead.

Best Arts Courses to Study in Australia after 12th

Arts are a significant stream offering various programs at all levels. There are a few of the best courses to study in Australia after the 12th, which are mentioned below:

Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies

Factors Statistics
Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies Tuition fees : AU$131370
English Proficiency Test Requirements MELAB/IELTS/PTE/CAEL
Course Duration 3 years
Average Salary $57000

The main purpose of this major is to offer students a detailed understanding of the causes, prevention and containment of conflict and theoretical and practical methods to conflict resolution and peace building. In the course, the students will learn about the conflicts shaping the world, country and put efforts to avoid and resolve such conflicts. The major is comprehensive in approach, extracting insights from varied disciplines, including diplomacy, geography, history, general studies, law, peace and conflict studies, security studies, strategic studies and sociology.

After completing courses in Australia, the students will be equipped to pursue advanced research in international relations, peace, and conflicts and build careers in other related professions, including NGOs, government bodies and international organizations.

Bachelor of Arts

Factors Statistics
Bachelor of Arts Tuition fees : AUD20,000 to 45000
English Proficiency Test Requirements IELTS/ TOFEL/ CAE
Course Duration 3 years
Average Salary $28000 to $35000

The Bachelor of Arts is a diverse, flexible and popular course to study in Australia after the 12th for Indian students. Each of its majors in fields throughout the arts, humanities and social science is taught by excellent scholars, which ensures that each student receives the best education, is engaged with top research and learns to think like a researcher. These majors will be coupled with more than seventy minors and professionals to broaden and deepen your knowledge.

Instead of your choices, arts degree courses after the 12th will offer core skills in critical analysis and written and oral communication while building adaptability and the ability to shape change and prepare you for a multifaceted career. After completing the course the student will get job opportunities in education, tourism, media and entertainment.

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Bachelor in Creative Arts

Factors Statistics
Bachelor in Creative Arts Tuition fees : AUD83200
English Proficiency Test Requirements IELTS/ TOFEL/ CAE
Course Duration 4 years
Average Salary $61000

The creative side of aspirants is free to explore when they obtain the knowledge and work experience, which is always changing if you have a bachelor’s in creative arts. You can present your abilities in front of the public with a degree through publications, performances and exhibitions. However, the top universities in Australia will allow you to build a crucial creative project in your chosen art form during your final year, whether communication, design technology, theater, creative writing, graphic design, media, music or visual etc.

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Factors Statistics
Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication Tuition fees : AUD93000
English Proficiency Test Requirements IELTS
Course Duration 3 to 7 years
Average Salary $55000 to $70,000

This diploma course after 12th arts covers various subjects, including Print Journalism, TV Production, Writing and Advertising, Social Media and Film Studies. The course aims to develop social awareness and technical skills to communicate the correct information to the public. It is one of the top courses in Australia after 12th arts, which provides theoretical and practical knowledge. You will be studying a variety of subjects.

  • Communication Theories
  • Design and Graphics
  • Digital media
  • Public Relations
  • Reporting and editing print media
  • Event Management
  • Data journalism
  • Media Law
  • The Ethics of the Law
  • History of India’s socio-cultural heritage

Students can enter the industry after completing their course. Students can pursue careers after the 12th in Journalism (digital and print), TV productions, Films and Marketing & Advertising.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Factors Statistics
Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Tuition fees : AUD28000 to 34000
English Proficiency Test Requirements IELTS
Course Duration 3 years
Average Salary $62000

* Please note that these figures are solely for illustration purposes

This degree is an all-encompassing, motivating program with integrated honors. This innovative curriculum allows you to tailor your academic program to meet your interests. It also gives you access to top researchers, research facilities, workshops on professional skills, and international exchange programs. The curriculum is multifaceted and gives you a broader perspective on politics, economics, sociology, arts, science and more. Philosophy is a second major career choice to study in Australia for international students and a good fit if you are pursuing a narrower field. It is based on critical thinking skills and communication abilities, which are valuable in all careers.


Here is a list of top courses in Australia after 12th Arts, especially curate by Ritam Global. Australia is a great choice for Indian students who want to study abroad for the Humanities and Arts. However, they must meet the minimum percentage requirement for admission to Australian universities and colleges to pursue the top Arts courses. It’s important to note that the availability of these courses may vary across universities in Australia. It’s advisable to research specific universities and their course offerings, considering factors like curriculum, faculty, reputation, and career prospects before making a final decision. If any student plans to study in Australia, feel free to contact one of the best study abroad agencies in India.

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