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IRCC Approves New English Language Test for Canadian Immigration

Canada is a long-standing country with friendly immigration laws and a high-quality educational system. It also offers favorable student conditions. After meeting all requirements, many international students choose to study in Canada. There is IRCC latest news for international students who want to study in Canada. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC, approved the new language test and will be accepted for new Student Direct Stream applications. The four tests must demonstrate speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities. The new law will take effect on August 10, 2023.

These tests include CELPIP General (now called TOEFL iBT), CAEL, PTE Academic and TOEFL Academic. SDS applicants can submit the scores of these tests to satisfy the language requirements in their application for a study permit.

IRCC approved the new language test offers more flexibility in demonstrating language proficiency to students by expanding the list of accepted tests. This move aligns with the SDS program’s goal to offer faster processing times to international students who apply to study in Canada while maintaining language proficiency standards.

What Is SDS?

Study Direct Stream is a government program that allows international students to apply for study permits in Canada. The SDS program is designed to offer faster processing times to eligible students who apply to study at certain Canadian educational institutions. For applicants to qualify for IRCC Immigration Canada, they must meet specific requirements. This includes submitting documents in advance and meeting requirements regarding language proficiency. Verifying the latest IRCC news about the SDS program, including the participating countries and institutions, is essential.

The SDS is designed to simplify the processing of applications for IRCC study permits. However, it is essential to remember that meeting program requirements are not a guarantee of approval. The applicant must meet all the criteria to study in Canada and submit accurate and complete documentation.

SDS provides a faster processing time for a study permit to students from certain countries. Eligible students must be legal residents in one of the following countries: Antigua and Barbuda (including its territories), Brazil, China, Senegal, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago or Vietnam. All study permit applications eligible for SDS must be processed within 20 days.

Who can Apply for the SDS Program?

Students who meet the criteria for this requirement must be legal residents of a specific country.

1. Provide a copy of a letter from a Canadian-designated learning institution.

2. Present a document confirming the applicant’s initial medical examination;

3. Proof that you have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) worth $10,000.

4. Prove that you have paid the tuition for your first year of studies.

5. Provide the results of any language tests you’ve taken within two years of submitting your SDS application. This should show an IELTS 6 in English or an NCLC 7 in French.

6. Submit the Visa Application Centre (VAC) with your application.

New Language Test Approved By The IRCC

The IRCC approved four new English Language Tests for the Student Direct Stream Program (SDS). Take a look at the English Language Proficiency Tests:

1. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP General)

CELPIP is an internationally recognized Canada English test Tool for Immigration, Citizenship, and Professional Use. It provides General and LS Tests, which evaluate all language skills. CELPIP is a comprehensive assessment of a student’s English language skills. It is known for its accuracy, fairness and reliability.

2. Canadian Academic English Language

The Canadian Academic English Language Test (CAEL) evaluates English language proficiency designed explicitly for academic purposes. This English exam for Canada Test evaluates the English Language skills of individuals planning to study at an English-speaking academic institution, especially in Canadian universities and colleges.

3. TOEFL Internet-Based Test

The Test of English as a Second Language, Internet-based (TOEFL iBT), is a widely accepted English language proficiency exam. The test measures non-native English speakers ability to understand and use English in an academic environment. The TOEFL-iBT tests the applicant in four areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The IRCC-approved new language test is widely recognized for its reliability and validity when assessing English language proficiency in academic and professional settings.

4. Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE Academic)

The Pearson Test of English is a computerized English language proficiency assessment that measures an individual’s ability to use and understand English in a classroom setting. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is accepted in Canada by those who wish to study in English-speaking countries, including Canada, to evaluate their English language proficiency. The PTE for Canada scores are used for various purposes, such as university admissions and visa applications.

Important Note: These new language testing organizations will be effective from August 10, 2023. Students can submit their results of these tests when applying for the Student Direct Stream (SDS) Canada Visa. If you apply before this date, IRCC only considers the TEF, general training language test, or academic IELTS results.

Over 753,000 International Students now Call Canada Home

According to IRCC’s latest news, by 2023, Canada will welcome over 753,000 international students. This is the highest number in Canada’s history. Canada’s student population has more than doubled in the last few years for several reasons, both domestic and international. The Canadian government and the DLIs have intensified their efforts to attract international students for economic, cultural, and social reasons.

The global middle class and the number of international students are growing. Canada is seen as a desirable destination for international students because of its high educational standards, multiculturalism and many employment and immigration opportunities.


Student Direct Stream is a quick and easy way for international students who wish to study in Canada to obtain a study permit. Students can now apply more efficiently than ever before; thanks to the announcement by the IRCC that it will accept four new English tests for the SDS Program. You should familiarize yourself with all the requirements for applying to the SDS Program. Also, start studying for your language test as soon as possible. You could be studying in Canada soon with the proper preparation.

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