Study in Switzerland for Indian Students

Why Study In Switzerland?

Switzerland is renowned for its elite educational institutions and decentralized educational system. The education in Switzerland for Indian students offers those varied opportunities and scope for career success. The nation is popular for medical science, PhD programs and hospitality; it is an amazing choice to study in Switzerland for international students. It also includes highly ranked universities, low tuition fees, optimum student/faculty ratio and amazing research facilities. Switzerland is one of the preferred destinations to study abroad among Indian students.

For Indian students, a major aspect of studying in Switzerland is to meet the requirements set forth by the education system. Besides this, other important reasons to study in Switzerland:

Get an Internationally Recognized Degree

Along with the knowledge and skills you obtain throughout your academic journey, the cherry on top is the degree received while finishing your studies. Universities in Switzerland are highly recognized and open numerous doors in your career anywhere in the world.

An International Network

According to studying in Switzerland, about 25% of the nation’s students include international students. However, it is amazing news for the students who land in the country, as meeting with other internationals is the fastest way to make connections and grow personal and professional networks. Also, it is the perfect opportunity to open your mind and get exposure to the new cultures and traditions of the country.

Quality Education

It has a renowned education system, so choosing to study in Switzerland from India makes true sense. The nation is popular for having high standards and teaching approaches based on active learning. The education is not only qualitative but also affordable.

Overview of the Swiss Educational System

The education system of Switzerland is recognized globally for its top-notch research, teaching approach and academic standards. Due to the Swiss education system, international students are inclined to study there. The Switzerland education system for international students is divided into three categories which are classified below.

  1. Primary Education:
    The country is an alliance of cantons with a surprising degree of administrative independence. However, the central government established that all kids must obtain a full nine years, and primary education is free in the nation. Primary education will last between 4 to 6 years and followed by 2 to 3 years in kindergarten. So, the basic purpose is to provide academic education while evaluating each student’s future.
  2. Secondary Education:
    The middle school needs to be clearly defined, but some varieties exist. The gymnasium is their home for six years for students interested in tertiary studies. For those who are more interested in a practical career, they only spend three years in secondary school. In this first phase, they can be divided into different school types based on performance levels.
  3. Tertiary Education in Switzerland:
    Switzerland’s higher education system, which includes universities and higher-level vocational training, is considered tertiary. The Swiss higher education system has three levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. Switzerland’s education system is a world leader in higher studies for international students.

Best Universities in Switzerland to Pursue Higher Education

Taking admission to Switzerland colleges and universities is a challenging task. The students must research a lot about the best universities in Switzerland, which are recognized internationally among other institutes. These organizations are popular for being selective and competitive Swiss universities for international students. Some of the mentioned below:

  1. International University of Geneva:
    The International University of Geneva, ranked as one of Switzerland’s top 10 business schools by the government, is a great choice for international students. Thanks to the school’s emphasis on theory and practice, you’ll be well-prepared for a career as an international businessperson. Geneva, a center of culture, politics and business, is the ideal place to study. The Switzerland colleges for Indian students offer excellent opportunities to put what you learn in class into practice.
  2. The University of Bern:
    The University of Bern is a top university in Switzerland, but it stands out for recognizing cutting-edge disciplines. The faculty at this university is of excellent quality, and the campus offers an environment where you can explore the political, economic, and social life of Bern.
  3. The University of Zurich:
    The University of Zurich offers an excellent range of study programs. It is one of the top universities in Switzerland for international students, offering more subjects than the specialized EPFL or ETH Zurich. The University of Zurich has facilities located throughout the city. This is because the educational mission of this university is to reach out to the public.The public library, collections, museums, and education courses are all available in addition to an impressive range of events. Children’s University and Senior Citizen’s University are also available at the university. The courses are also offered in English, German, Italian, and French.

Best Courses to Study in Switzerland

Take courses in Switzerland, and you will get a great education and an opportunity to experience the culture of a beautiful country. There are many best courses to study in Switzerland that are part of a degree program, certificate program or professional development series. Studying in Switzerland can be done online, via distance learning or in a classroom.

Even master’s options in Switzerland for Indian students are available to meet the requirements of international students. The following are the best courses for international students in Switzerland:

  • Business Management
  • Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Banking & Finance
  • Quantitative & Systems Biology
  • International Law
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences

Intakes to Study in Switzerland

You should first consider intakes in Switzerland if you wish to study in Switzerland or obtain a Switzerland Visa to study abroad. It is crucial to submit your application on time if you want to pursue your dream education at any university in Switzerland. Switzerland intakes have two in a year: spring intake and fall intake. Both intakes are open to international students at all universities.

Intakes in Switzerland Session Estimated Application Deadline
Fall Intake September to February 31st March
Spring Intake February to June 31st August


Switzerland Scholarships for Indian Students

There is some scholarship in Switzerland for Indian students. Most university-specific awards are reserved for postgraduates. Here are some scholarships for Indian students to study in Switzerland.

  1. ETH Zurich Excellence Master’s Scholarships:
    The program provides financial aid to students seeking a Master’s Degree. The university offers two scholarship programs: Master Scholarship and Excellence Scholar Program. The Excellence Scholarship pays for all the student’s living and study expenses. While the Master Scholarship offers a partial stipend, as well as an offer of an apprenticeship. The scholarship program is available to students with a bachelor’s from an accredited institution.
  2. University of Geneva Excellence Masters Fellowships:
    The University of Geneva Master Fellowships is one of the most prestigious scholarships in Switzerland. This program aims to support exceptionally motivated applicants who are highly motivated and wish to pursue a Master of Science degree in any of the Faculty’s disciplines.
  3. Scholarships for the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights:
    The Geneva Academy is offering Indian students a scholarship to study in Switzerland. Study the LLM International Humanitarian Law & Human Rights or Master of Advanced Studies Transitional Justice, Human Rights & Rule of Law. Full and partial scholarships are available. Full scholarships include tuition, living expenses and other expenses. Partial scholarships only cover the tuition. This scholarship is open to candidates with a law background and an excellent academic record.

Find the Best Study Destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most popular destinations to study abroad in Europe, as national and international students can study at prestigious universities with highly qualified teachers. The universities of Switzerland offer practical courses as well as diverse research opportunities. Switzerland has various best places to study, and international students appreciate the social events and activities. Switzerland offers international students studying in Switzerland a friendly environment and many opportunities to learn. Below we mentioned some of the best cities to study in Switzerland:

  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Lausanne
  • Bern
  • Basel

Exploring the Cost of Studying in Switzerland

The cost of studying in Switzerland for Indian students will vary depending on several factors, including the type of university you select. It will also be affected by the public/private status. Studying tuition fees in Switzerland for international students at public universities is cheaper than a private one. You must know that the cost of studying abroad for Indian students will vary depending on your chosen degree program and the university. In Switzerland, the cost of studying at a public or private university is lower.

Degree Type Average Tuition Fees per Semester
Bachelors 700 – 3500 CHF
Masters 700 – 2000 CHF

Cost of Living in Switzerland - An Overview

You will have to plan your budget if you want to move to the world’s most expensive country. The student should have to budget for many expenses if you want to live in Switzerland. It is home to some of the highest living standards so it may be worth it. The cost of living in Switzerland for Indian students depends on the city you will decide to live in. Here’s a quick estimation of Switzerland’s living cost for students in top student-friendly Swiss cities.

Expenses Monthly Expenses
Accommodation 650 – 11205 CHF
Food 500 CHF
Transportation 100 CHF
Personal Expense 1500 – 2500 CHF
Health Insurance 400 CHF


Swiss Student Visa Requirements for Indian Students

You will need a student visa to enter Switzerland, regardless of whether you plan to study a short-term course or a degree program. There are two types of Switzerland study visas for Indian students: D and C. Each Switzerland student visa for Indians has its duration and purpose. Which one suits you?

  • C-Visa:
    This visa is designed for those who want to visit Switzerland for a limited time. This visa allows you to stay in Switzerland for up to 3 months.
  • D-Visa:
    D visa is issued to students who wish to stay longer than three months in Switzerland. Students usually apply for this type of visa when they wish to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

Documents and personal information required to apply for a Switzerland Student Visa:

  • Swiss Visa application form
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • National Passport Copy (valid three months before departure date)
  • You may also have copies of your previous passport/visa.
  • Medical travel insurance copy
  • Prove your funds for a stay in Switzerland
  • You should include a detailed letter explaining why you wish to study in Switzerland and when you will arrive.
  • Proof of University Enrollment
  • The university issued no objection certificate

Why Should You Study Abroad With Ritam Global India?

The Swiss education system offers students a high-quality education with many career options. The best abroad education consultants in India ensure students can also enjoy multiculturalism, high quality of life, innovative technologies, and beautiful scenery. Switzerland has always welcomed new cultures and made it easier for you to travel to Switzerland. Meanwhile, India’s top study abroad consultants can help you with any questions or concerns during admissions. So, without any delay, consult with Ritam Global and chase your dreams.

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