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A large number of Indian students go to foreign countries to receive medical education. The decision to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is a great one. The courses are well-designed to offer both theoretical and practical knowledge to future doctors. The medical universities in the country are well-equipped with rich faculty and top-notch facilities, making them an ideal spot for international students to pursue a career in medicine. 

Studying MBBS in Georgia will take you on a rewarding career path in the field of medicine. So, if you want a bright medical career, consider getting your degree from Georgia.

MBBS in Georgia: An Overview at a Glance

Here are some of the most important details regarding pursuing your MBBS in Georgia. Take a look.

Name of the Degree Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Total cost of MBBS in Georgia for Indian students Rs 36 to 55 lakh
Eligibility Completion of 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), and English as core subjects
Qualification Exam NEET
Georgia MBBS duration 5 years of training + 1 year of internship (compulsory)
Medium of Instruction English
Living cost in Georgia Rs 25,000 to Rs 80,000 per year

Why Study MBBS in Georgia?

Are you wondering whether the decision to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is a good one? Check out the top reasons below:

  • Superior Education: The top universities in Georgia offer an excellent education to students. You will be able to develop practical training as well as theoretical knowledge for your medical career.
  • Top-Notch Degrees: If you pursue your MBBS from the top universities, you will be able to gain a globally recognized degree. Prestigious organizations like the World Health Organization, the Medical Council of India, and UNESCO approve the degrees.
  • Affordable Costs and security: The cost of studying MBBS in Georgia for international students is quite reasonable. The tuition fees are pretty affordable, and the cost of living is also low. Also, since the level of security is extremely high in Georgia, students will feel protected in the country.
  • English Language: The universities in Georgia impart medical education in English. So, international students will face no language barriers while pursuing an MBBS in Georgia.
  • Excellent Career Opportunities: If you pursue MBBS in Georgia, you will be able to explore different career options. It’s not necessary for you to engage in clinical practice. You can also look for research and other specialization opportunities. Students can get part-time jobs to cover their living expenses in Georgia. You won’t feel too burdened because medical students can get low-maintenance internships. But you will have to apply for them.
  • Easy and smooth transportation:  Students can move around in different modes of transportation, including trains and other public vehicles, at low costs. Moreover, the transportation systems are extremely safe, and everyone can commute without any hassle.

MBBS In Georgia Vs. MBBS In India

Some of the key details to know about the difference between pursuing an MBBS in Georgia and India are as follows:

Criteria MBBS in Georgia MBBS in India
Education Quality You can study MBBS in Georgia at top-notch universities and secure your foundation in the field of medicine. Renowned universities in India deliver top-notch education to medical students
Tuition Fees Affordable compared to private medical institutes in India. High fees in public medical institutions.
Language of Teaching English English in major universities
Entrance Exam In some universities, the admission process to study MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is direct. Students have to qualify in competitive exams like NEET.
Cultural Exposure Exposure to a diverse group of students from different countries and their unique cultures Zero exposure to international culture.
Career Aspects Clinical practice, research, and specialization opportunities available all over the world Various opportunities available in India.
Infrastructure and Facilities Top-notch infrastructure with modern laboratories for research and practical training Varied infrastructure, with some universities offering top-notch facilities and equipment

List of NMC / MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Georgia

Take a look at the list of MCI-approved medical colleges in Georgia for Indian students to receive top-notch education:

Teaching University Geomedi
Teaching University Geomedi
David Tvildiani Medical University
David Tvildiani Medical University
European University
European University

The best medical colleges in Georgia for Indian students offer comprehensive programs with high-quality education and state-of-the-art infrastructure. Since MCI approves them, Indian students can receive recognised degrees from these medical universities. Studying at the best university in Georgia for MBBS will ensure that you have a solid foundation before you start your career in the field of medicine.

MBBS in Georgia Fees Structure 2024-25

The cost of MBBS in Georgia for Indian students is quite affordable. Students need to pay different types of fees apart from the tuition fee. For instance, they need to bear the expenses of buying books and staying on campus. 

The approximate MBBS in Georgia for Indian students fees will range between Rs 36 to 55 lakhs. The exact MBBS fee will depend on the university you have chosen for your medical education in Georgia. You should know that the cost of studying for an MBBS in some private colleges in India might be higher than this. 

If you want to know the details about MBBS in Georgia fees, you should check the official websites of the universities. You will get a detailed breakdown of the fee structure for pursuing MBBS in Georgia. Moreover, you can contact international education consultants to remain updated about the fee structure.

MBBS Admission Process in Georgia: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you planning to complete your MBBS in Georgia? If yes, you should check out the detailed process for taking admission. Learn about the steps below:

  • 01
    Find the Best University

    The first thing to do is make a list of top medical universities in Georgia. You need to perform in-depth research to figure out the most reputable MBBS programs in the country. Always select the university with an MBBS program according to your requirements and preferences. 

  • 02
    Check Your Eligibility

    You must fulfill all the eligibility requirements for MBBS admission in Georgia. Remember that the criteria will differ across universities. Usually, the minimum academic qualification necessary is 10+2 with Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

  • 03
    Appear for the Entrance Exams

    If you want to be admitted to a medical university in Georgia, you might have to sit for certain entrance exams. Like, in some universities, you will have to qualify for the NEET exam to study MBBS in Georgia. The requirements might be different in other universities.

  • 04
    Submit Your Application and Documents

    You will have to complete the application form to get admission to a medical university in Georgia. You need to enter some important details in the application form. Apart from the application form, you will have to submit some documents to the university. The documents that international students need to submit include academic transcripts, medical certificates, and passports. 

  • 05
    Pay Fees After Getting Your Offer Letter

    If you get selected at the medical university, you will receive your offer letter. Next, you will have to pay the prescribed fees within a specific date. It will help you secure your seat at the medical college in Georgia.

  • 06
    Wait for Visa Application and Processing

    Once you get your Georgia MBBS admission, you will have to apply for your visa. Remember to submit all the required documents along with the visa application.

  • 07
    Fly to Georgia and Start Your Classes

    Once you obtain your visa to study in Georgia, you should make your travel arrangements. It will include booking flight tickets and making arrangements for your stay. Remember to arrive in Georgia before your MBBS program starts so that you don’t miss your classes.

MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria in Georgia

All international students need to fulfill certain eligibility criteria for MBBS in Georgia. Indian students will have to meet the following requirements:

  • Academic Qualifications: Students should have studied Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th standard. They should have also studied these subjects in their 11th grade.
  • Minimum Marks: Students need to obtain a minimum of 50% marks to study MBBS in Georgia. Candidates from SC, ST, and OBC are required to score 40%.
  • NEET: Students are required to obtain the qualifying NEET score to study MBBS in Georgia.
  • Age Limit: The minimum age limit for students willing to pursue MBBS in Georgia is 17. So, the candidate has to be of this age before applying.

You should know that the universities might have varying requirements of eligibility for MBBS in Georgia. Students should visit the official websites of their preferred websites to get the exact details regarding their eligibility for admission. If you have any problem understanding the Georgia MBBS eligibility criteria for Indian students, you should seek assistance from expert education consultants.

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Essential Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Georgia

Students have to submit the following essential documents for MBBS in Georgia:

  • 10th Marksheet & Leaving Certificate
  • 12th Marksheet & Leaving Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • NEET Score Card
  • Passport Size Photograph (80% Face & 20% Shoulder) with White Background
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • ID Proof

Submit all the documents required for MBBS in Georgia on time to avoid any delays in the admission process. Always remember to attest all the documents before submitting them during admission. Moreover, you might have to translate certain documents if the university requires you to do so.

Career Opportunities After Completing MBBS in Georgia

You get a host of career options for MBBS in Georgia. The different career opportunities in Georgia after MBBS are as follows: 

Clinical Practice
Clinical Practice

Students can decide to engage in clinical practice after completing their MBBS in Georgia. You can choose to practice in clinics and hospitals. Additionally, you can set up your own private practice. It will help you contribute to patient care and acquire practical experience at the same time. 


You can also pursue research in medical sciences after your MBBS in Georgia. It will help you contribute to advancements in the field of patient care. The research opportunities also allow medical students to work on innovations with experts in the field. 


Once you complete your MBBS in Georgia, you can go for a specialization. You can choose from various disciplines like cardiology, pediatrics, and gynecology. 


You can also immerse yourself in the academic field after completing your MBBS in Georgia. It is a great way of teaching future medical professionals by becoming faculty members at the top-notch medical universities in Georgia.

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