Study MBBS in Philippines

Do you aim to study MBBS in a foreign country? If so, the Philippines is a great choice. The decision to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is highly beneficial because of the renowned universities present in the country. You will receive a high-quality education to establish a strong career trajectory in the medical field. 

All Indian students studying MBBS in Philippines will receive practical as well as theoretical knowledge from medical experts. The medical degree that you will receive from this country will be recognized worldwide. With reasonable fees and numerous other benefits, pursuing an MBBS in the Philippines is a way of enhancing your chances of building a successful medical career.

MBBS in Philippines: An Overview at a Glance

Take a look at the box below to get some basic details about studying MBBS in the Philippines. 

Parameter Details
Name of the Degree Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Duration of MBBS in Philippines 5.5 to 6 years
Eligibility 10+2 pass certificate with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as core subjects
Qualification Exam NEET
Medium of Instruction English
Total Course Fee Starting from Rs 25 lakh

Why Study MBBS in Philippines?

Are you wondering about the key reasons to study MBBS in Philippines for Indian students? We have some reasons for you:

  • Top-Notch Education: You will need high-quality education to establish a strong medical career. The top university in the Philippines has well-formulated curricula for medical students. So, you will receive an exceptional education in the Philippines to excel in the field of medicine.
  • Affordable Costs: You need not worry about breaking the bank to complete your MBBS course in Philippines. In fact, the cost of pursuing a medical degree in the Philippines is often quite affordable compared to the private colleges in India.
  • Globally Recognized Degrees: An MBBS degree from the Philippines is recognized all over the world. Moreover, the degree is approved by organizations like UNESCO, WHO, and MCI.
  • Courses Taught in English: Students are afraid to pursue their medical degrees in foreign countries due to language barriers. But the good thing about studying MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is that the courses are taught in English. So, you don’t need to learn a different language or won’t face any difficulties in understanding the lectures and instructions from the expert faculty members.
  • Exceptional Career Opportunities: Completing your MBBS in the Philippines opens doors to diverse opportunities in the field of medicine. While you can become a medical practitioner, you can also pursue other specialized degrees. Moreover, you will have research and academic opportunities all over the world.

MBBS In Philippines Vs. MBBS In India


Criteria MBBS in Philippines MBBS in India
Education Quality If you study MBBS in Philippines, you will receive holistic education at a premier university. India is home to several top-notch medical colleges for high-quality education.
University Fees Studying MBBS in the Philippines is often more affordable than studying at private medical institutes in India. The fee is often too high, particularly in the private medical colleges.
Language of Teaching English English
Entrance Exam NEET (separate admission test in some universities) NEET
Global Exposure Study alongside students from different countries and get exposed to cultures from all over the globe. Exposure to worldwide cultures is limited in Indian medical universities.
Career Options The benefit of MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is that they can choose diverse career options. While they can engage in clinical practices, research and academic opportunities are also available after completing their MBBS in the Philippines. If you study MBBS in India, you can explore different career opportunities. You can become a medical practitioner at clinics and hospitals. Moreover, you can engage yourself in medical research for advanced discoveries. Additionally, you can become a faculty member at top universities to teach future medical students.
Available Facilities Superior infrastructure with state-of-the-art facilities Exceptional facilities with well-equipped labs and more

Top Universities for Studying MBBS in the Philippines

Davao Medical School Foundation

Indian students can enroll at Davao Medical School Foundation, one of the leading universities in the Philippines, to pursue an MBBS. The top medical university in the Philippines is an ideal place for international students to become well-rounded individuals in the field of medicine. The country offers a well-prepared curriculum medical program to help international students become well-qualified medical experts. Completing your MBBS at one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines will ensure that you receive a globally recognized degree to pursue exceptional opportunities in your medical career.

University image

MBBS in Philippines Fees Structure 2024-25

Several international students consider completing their MBBS in the Philippines because of the affordable costs. The Philippines MBBS fees for Indian students will start from Rs 25 lakh. The charges are quite reasonable compared to several private universities in India. 

The exact Philippines MBBS fees in Indian rupees will definitely depend on the medical university to which you are admitted. Apart from the medical tuition fee, you will have to bear other expenses at the university, including books and hostel fees. 

You will get a detailed breakdown of the MBBS in Philippines for Indian students fee structure on the official websites of the medical universities. You can also get in touch with education consultants to learn about the MBBS fees in the Philippines.

Admission Procedure For MBBS in the Philippines: A Step-by-Step Guide

As an Indian student, you can follow these steps to seek admission to an MBBS program in the Philippines:

  • 01
    Find Your Preferred University

    You will come across multiple medical universities in the Philippines. Perform in-depth research to figure out which one would be the best for you. Always choose a medical college that aligns with your requirements and preferences. 

  • 02
    Explore the Eligibility Criteria

    Every university will have different requirements for admission for MBBS in Philippines. Check out the eligibility criteria of your preferred university to understand whether you fulfill them.

  • 03
    Learn About Entrance Exams

    Most universities allow you to take admission if you score the qualifying percentage in the NEET exam. However, a few universities in the Philippines might have their own admission tests for medical students.

  • 04
    Complete the Application and Submit Necessary Documents

    You will have to enter all the details in your medical university’s application form and submit it on time. Additionally, attach the necessary documents like transcripts and medical certificates, with your application.

  • 05
    Get the Offer Letter and Pay Fees

    If you get selected at the university, they will send you an offer letter. Once you receive the letter, you will have to pay the fees within a stipulated time. It will help you secure the seat at the medical college of your dreams. Get detailed about the fee structure at the medical university and find out whether you need to pay the entire amount at once.

  • 06
    Apply for Your Visa

    Once the admission procedure for MBBS in Philippines, you will have to start with your visa application. You will have to provide a few documents confirming your admission during the visa application process. The authorities demand several other documents to process your visa application.

  • 07
    Travel to the Philippines and Start Your Classes

    Once you obtain your visa, you should start browsing for flight tickets to fly to the Philippines. Reach the country before your course begins so that you don’t miss out on any of the classes or orientation programs.

MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria in Philippines

When you wish to pursue an MBBS in the Philippines, you will have to meet certain criteria. Some of the general eligibility criteria for MBBS in Philippines are as follows:

  • Academic Qualifications: Students can pursue MBBS in the Philippines if they have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th standard. Moreover, they should have studied these subjects in the 11th grade as well. 
  • Minimum Marks: The minimum mark for eligibility for MBBS in Philippines is 50% in the 12th standard board exam. Anyone from the SC, ST, or OBC category can get admission to medical universities with 40%. 
  • Medical Entrance Test: Students need to score the qualifying percentage in NEET to seek admission for MBBS in the Philippines. 
  • Age Limit: Students with a minimum age of 17 years are allowed to study MBBS in the Philippines.

Remember that these are the general criteria for all international students. Some universities might have specific Philippines MBBS eligibility criteria for Indian students. Look at the official websites of the medical universities to gain detailed knowledge about the eligibility criteria.

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Essential Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Philippines

Before applying, you should look for all the essential documents for MBBS in Philippines. The documents that you usually need to support are as follows:

  • 10th Marksheet & Leaving Certificate
  • 12th Marksheet & Living Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • NEET Score Card
  • Passport Size Photograph with White Background (80% Face & 20% Shoulder)
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • ID Proof

When you submit the documents required for MBBS in Philippines, you are less likely to face issues with the admission. Remember to self-attest all the documents. Additionally, you might need to translate some of the documents according to the requirements of the university.

Career Opportunities After MBBS in Philippines

After completing your MBBS from the Philippines, you will receive a globally recognized degree. So, you won’t struggle to find career opportunities in Philippines after MBBS. You can consider the following options after you get your medical degree:

Clinical Practice
Clinical Practice

Obtaining an MBBS degree from the Philippines allows you to practice medicine. You can treat patients at clinics and hospitals. Moreover, you can set up your private practice to treat patients. The ability to diagnose patients and help them recover can be a fulfilling experience for medical students.


Do you want to transform the world of medicine with new innovations and discoveries? In that case, you should consider research opportunities after completing your MBBS in the Philippines. Engaging yourself in medical research is an excellent way to work alongside experts in the field of medicine.


You can also consider specializing in a medical discipline of your choice after your MBBS. Choose from different departments, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, and more. You can also consider pediatrics if you want to work with kids. Look at different areas to discover what matches your interests.


If you are interested in teaching, you can do that after completing your MBBS. You can find a job as a faculty member at any one of the top medical colleges across the world. It will help you nourish young minds to become bright medical professionals in the future.

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