Study In Ireland For Bhutanese Students

Why Study In Ireland?

Ireland is an excellent destination to study abroad for Bhutanese students. Bhutanese students seeking quality education and a multicultural experience go to study in Ireland from Bhutan. From undergraduate to postgraduate levels, Irish universities and colleges provide a broad selection of programs in industries like technology, business, and healthcare.

One of the important reasons to study in Ireland for Bhutanese students is its welcoming and friendly culture, making it easy for international students to adjust and feel at home.

We advise Ireland for Bhutanese students as Bhutanese students can also benefit from Ireland’s post-study work opportunities, with graduates being able to work in Ireland for up to two years after completing their studies. Therefore, think about studying in Ireland if you’re searching for a rich and satisfying study abroad experience.

Overview of the Education System in Ireland

The Ireland education system for international students is known for its quality and excellence, attracting students from all over the world. You can find top-notch education in Ireland for Bhutanese students.

Institutes of Technology offer vocational training and business-related courses, while Colleges of Education offer Higher Certificates, Bachelors, Honours Bachelors, Postgraduate Diplomas, and Doctoral degrees.

Bachelor’s degrees can be ordinary (3 years) or honors (3-4 years), while Master’s degrees take 1-2 academic years. Doctoral degrees typically require four to five years to complete.

For those considering studying in Ireland, it’s important to understand the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). All higher education degrees in Ireland are awarded based on the NFQ, which sets the standards for Irish education qualifications.

This system makes it possible to measure and compare qualifications and allows for seamless transfer between institutions and levels of study. Degrees in Ireland are marked as per NFQ, with levels 7 and 8 offering Ordinary and Honours Bachelor Degrees, respectively. Level 8 also includes Higher Diplomas, while levels 9 and 10 offer Postgraduate Diplomas, Masters Degrees, and Doctoral Degrees.

Ireland education for Bhutanese students provides an excellent opportunity to pursue higher education and gain exposure to a diverse cultural environment.

Best Universities in Ireland for Higher Education

Ireland has been a well-liked option for Bhutanese students seeking higher education overseas. Here are some of the best Irish universities for higher education.

Among the top universities in Ireland are

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway

These universities are a popular choice for overseas students since they provide a wide range of degrees, from business and engineering to humanities and social sciences.

One of Ireland’s oldest and most famous colleges, Trinity College Dublin, has a solid reputation in academic disciplines like commerce, law, and medicine. On the other hand, University College Dublin is renowned for its expertise in engineering and technology. The National University of Ireland, Galway, is well known for its scientific and medical knowledge.

With their world-class facilities, excellent faculty, and diverse student communities, the universities in Ireland for international students offer a rich and rewarding experience.

Most Popular Courses to Study in Ireland

Ireland offers a wide range of courses across various fields of study, making it a great choice for Bhutanese students looking to pursue higher education abroad. Here are some of the very best courses to study in Ireland.

  • Computer Science:
    With its thriving tech industry, Ireland is a great place for Bhutanese students interested in studying Computer Science.
  • Management:
    Management courses in Ireland cover a wide range of subjects, including marketing, human resources, and supply chain management.
  • Finance:
    Ireland is home to many multinational financial services companies, making it a great destination for students interested in Finance.
  • Data Science & Big Data:
    As the world grows more data-driven, there is an increasing need for workers who possess these abilities.
  • Business Analytics:
    Predictive analytics, marketing analytics, and data visualization are just a few of the topics covered in Ireland’s business analytics courses.
  • Banking and Finance:
    Ireland is a wonderful choice for those interested in studying banking and finance because of its well-established financial services sector.
  • Education:
    Ireland has a strong tradition of education, and its universities are known for their high-quality teacher training programs.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences:
    Ireland is a great choice for those interested in studying pharmaceutical sciences because it is home to many pharmaceutical companies.
  • Cloud Computing:
    With its growing technology industry, Ireland is a great destination for students interested in studying Cloud Computing.

We at Ritam Global Bhutan will help you select the best courses in Ireland for Bhutanese students.

Intakes To Study In Ireland

Irish universities and colleges offer multiple intakes for various programs. There are two intakes in Ireland, the autumn intake and the spring intake. The autumn intake typically runs from September to December, while the spring intake runs from January to May.

Choosing the right intake from the available intakes in Ireland can be a challenging decision for students planning to study in Ireland. It’s important to consider critical factors such as program availability, academic records, admission test scores, acceptance rates, job opportunities, and your willingness to begin the program.

Scholarship Opportunities for Bhutanese Students to Study in Ireland

Ireland is a popular study abroad destination for Bhutanese students seeking higher education, and there are many scholarships in Ireland for Bhutanese students.

These Ireland scholarships for Bhutanese students are offered by both the Irish government and individual universities and can cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs.

Some of the top scholarships for Bhutanese students to study in Ireland :

Scholarship Program Benefits 
Open Study/Research Award Max 15,000 Euro stipend
DCU Taught Masters Program Award Max Euro 15,000
The Walsh Fellowships 22,000 Euros grant each year
Maynooth University Scholarships  $1,200- $3,440 grant per year under different schemes
Government of Ireland Scholarships 10,000 Euro stipend for one year of study

To apply for these scholarships, students typically need to have a strong academic record and meet certain eligibility criteria.

Best Places To Study in Ireland

Ireland is a stunning nation with several excellent cities where students can study. Some of the best places to study in Ireland include the cities of

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Galway
  • Limerick
  • Waterford

Ireland’s capital and largest city, Dublin, is home to a vibrant arts community as well as a number of renowned schools and universities.

Cork is another popular city for students, known for its friendly atmosphere and strong academic programs.

Galway is a smaller city with a rich history and a strong arts community, making it a great choice for students interested in the creative arts.

Limerick is another great option, with a diverse range of degree programs and a growing technology sector.

Waterford, located in the southeast of Ireland, is home to a range of excellent universities and colleges and offers a great quality of life for students.

Ultimately, the best place to study in Ireland will depend on your individual needs and interests. It’s worth researching each city and visiting them in person before making a decision.

Overview of Cost of Study In Ireland

Here are the details about the cost of studying in Ireland for Bhutanese students. Please note that the actual tuition fees for specific courses and universities may vary, and this table provides only a general idea of the costs.

Degree Type  Average Annual Tuition Fee (EUR)
Bachelors 10,000 – 25,000
Masters 9,000 – 35,000
PhD 6,000 – 10,000
MBA 20,000 – 35,000
MBBS 27,000 – 40,600

Overview of Cost of Living in Ireland

Here is a table showing the living expenses in Ireland for Bhutanese students.

Type of Expense Average Cost per Month (EUR)
Accommodation 685 – 900
Food 280 – 370
Utility 19 – 42
Travel 40 – 65
Miscellaneous 70 – 120
Social 160 – 200

Understand that the cost of living in Ireland for Bhutanese students varies based on their lifestyle and accommodation choices. On average, international students can expect to spend around 12,000- 14,000 EUR per year on living expenses.

Student Visa Requirements for Bhutanese to Study in Ireland

To study in Ireland, you need to fulfil certain Ireland study visa requirements for Bhutanese students. Meeting the Ireland student visa requirements is crucial for a smooth visa process. You can easily apply for a student visa online on the AVATS website and pay the fees. Submit the required documents, such as your birth certificate, passport, and a letter of acceptance from an Irish university.

The visa process can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks and may be extended based on document submissions or clarifications. Ensure that you meet all the requirements for Bhutanese students to study in Ireland to avoid any delays in your visa application process.

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