Study in Switzerland for Bhutanese Students

Why Study In Switzerland?

Switzerland is a small European nation that welcomes international students worldwide. The country is famous for its advanced and top–notch education system. Switzerland has excellent universities, research centers and dedication to making investments in exciting industries in future. The universities in Switzerland are famous in Europe and the whole world. Along with this hype, there are numerous reasons to study in Switzerland for Bhutanese students.

Education in Switzerland for Bhutanese students would be an ideal choice, offering them an opportunity to advance their education and career. So, being amongst the best options to study in Europe, there are various other factors to consider while planning an academic journey. Some of the leading reasons to choose Switzerland as a study abroad destination such as:

Get an International Recognized Degree

Along with the knowledge and skills students will obtain in their academic journey, the cherry on top is the degree you will receive while finishing your studies. Since Switzerland has a highly regarded educational system, a degree obtained from a top university opens various doors in career.

Quality Education

The Swiss government will strive hard to inject creative thinking into the education system of Switzerland. Various leading institutions in Switzerland have maintained their position in World University Rankings by THE and QS, especially ETH Zurich, University of Geneva and University of Zurich.

Tons of International Students

Each country has many international students, and Switzerland is no exception! The majority of students in Switzerland are foreigners. Various students are attracted to study in Switzerland from Bhutan due to its renowned education system, reasonable prices and many scholarship options.

Enjoy a High Standard of Living

Switzerland is known for its reputation as a country that is peaceful, clean, developed economically, and has an innovative outlook. It has been a peaceful country for centuries, thanks to its strict laws, respectful citizens and neutrality during wartime. Switzerland has a high level of safety, is crime-free, and most crimes are minor.

Overview of the Swiss Educational System

The Switzerland education system structure is the leading reason why many international students are drawn to and apply towards it. The Swiss education system followed the Bologna education scheme based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS credits). In the education system of Switzerland, the students get the best qualifications at their home institutions.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree:
    A full-time bachelor’s degree usually lasts three years. Specializations such as medical or information technology can take up to 5 years. There are optional major and minor subjects in a Swiss Bachelor’s degree. The students must complete 180 ECTS credits.
  2. Master Degree:
    You can complete it in two years. A master’s is required for a PhD program. It requires 90-120 credits to complete.
  3. Master of Advanced Studies:
    The postgraduate degree usually lasts 1-2 years. It consists of independent studies, course work and a thesis. The student would have to complete between 60 and 120 ECTS.
  4. Doctorate:
    The doctorate takes between 3 and 5 years to finish. It also requires students to complete 240 ECTS credits.

Top Universities in Switzerland to Pursue Higher Education

The QS and THE World Rankings consistently rank many best colleges in Switzerland. In addition, the country has been rated as the most innovative by the Global Innovation Index 2019 and is also a global leader in innovation. Below is a list of some of the top universities in Switzerland for international students and serves specific purposes in the Swiss education, innovation and research sector.

Some of the best options of Switzerland colleges for Bhutanese students are:

1. University of Zurich:

The University of Zurich offers an excellent range of study programs. It is one of the best universities in Switzerland. This university offers more subjects than the specialized EPFL or ETH Zurich. The University of Zurich has facilities located throughout the city. The university’s educational mission is to reach out to the public. There are also ‘Children’s University’ and ‘Senior Citizen’s University’ at the university that cater for these age groups. The courses are also offered in English, German, Italian and French.

2. International University of Geneva:

The International University of Geneva, ranked as one of Switzerland’s top 10 business schools by the government, is an excellent choice for Swiss universities for international students. Thanks to the school’s emphasis on theory and practice, you’ll be well-prepared for a career as an international businessperson. Geneva, a centre of culture, politics and business, is the ideal place to study. It also offers excellent opportunities to put what you learn in class into practice.

3. University of Basel:

Basel, located near the French and German border in northern Switzerland, is an excellent place to stay if you want to explore Europe while studying in Switzerland. The Switzerland universities for masters have a robust international presence, with students from over 100 countries. The university offers various teaching and research disciplines, including life sciences.

Switzerland's Best Courses to Study

There are various best courses to study in Switzerland that will meet international students requirements. The top–notch courses in Switzerland will allow you to pick from varied courses offered by leading universities. However, the country’s courses are frequently combined with degree programs, professional development series and certificate programs. Also, the study options for master’s in Switzerland for Bhutanese students will fulfil the requirements of most aspirants like online, classroom settings and distance learning. Some of the popular courses are:

  • Business Management
  • Hotel & Hospitality Management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Banking & Finance
  • Quantitative & Systems Biology
  • International Law
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Interdisciplinary Sciences

Intakes to Study in Switzerland

For admission to any dream university in Switzerland, it is necessary to apply within the deadline. Similarly, there are two intakes in Switzerland, i.e. fall and spring. In both Switzerland intakes, all the universities will welcome international students, and students need to apply within the deadline to be admitted to the desired university. The University of Switzerland has two intakes which are mentioned below:

1. Spring Intake:
Spring intake falls between the months of February to June. The application will end in August.

2. Fall Intake:
Fall intake falls between the months of September to February. The application will end at the end of March.

Switzerland Scholarships for Bhutanese Students

Swiss Universities offer partial and fully funded scholarships in Switzerland to students who merit them. The Scholarship in Switzerland for Bhutanese students will cover tuition, health insurance and housing allowance. They may also include tuition payments, airfares, and monthly payments.

Students with a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD from an accredited study board are eligible for the Switzerland scholarship. Research and development projects are funded at 100% for international fellows and researchers.

1. ETH Zurich Excellence Master’s Scholarships:
The program provides financial aid to students seeking a Master’s Degree. The university offers two scholarships: Master Scholarship in Switzerland and Excellence Scholar Program. The Excellence Scholarship pays for all the student’s living and study expenses. While the Master Scholarship offers a partial stipend, as well as an offer of an apprenticeship. The scholarship program is available to students with a bachelor’s from an accredited institution.

2. Graduate Institute Geneva Scholarships:
The Graduate Institute invests significant amounts of money to attract talented scholars from around the globe. The Graduate Institute offers several Swiss government Scholarships to all students. It offers merit scholarships based on academic excellence. This may include an opportunity to work as a teacher’s assistant or a tuition discount based on financial necessity.

3. IMD MBA Scholarships:
IMD MBA Scholarships were designed to help the most outstanding international students with excellent academic records but financial obstacles prevented them from continuing their studies. You are eligible to apply if you can positively impact the world with your tireless and committed work ethic and want to turn dreams into reality. The scholarship for Bhutanese students to study in Switzerland is based on equality, diversity and competitiveness. Switzerland attracts people from all over the world to thrive in the market. These scholarships are open to everyone who meets the criteria and especially women from around the globe.

Find the Best Study Destinations in Switzerland

There are various best places to study in Switzerland. The attractive environment and quality education attract thousands of students. Switzerland has many cities. You must choose a university and city where you would like to spend your next few years as a student. Some best cities to study in Switzerland are recognized as the best places for students due to their lifestyle and available opportunities.

The following is the best city to live in Switzerland, with several top universities and excellent affordable housing facilities.

  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Lausanne
  • Bern
  • Basel

Exploring the Cost of Studying in Switzerland

The cost of studying in Switzerland in Switzerland for Bhutanese students is affordable. It will vary depending on whether or not you are admitted to a public or private university. The tuition fees in Switzerland for international students at public universities such as the University of Lausanne and ETH Zurich are affordable. But, the cost of studying abroad for Bhutanese students in Swiss private universities is expensive. It is best to base the tuition cost on the course type and the level.

The below-mentioned cost can vary according to the universities and colleges.

Degree Type Average Tuition Fees per Semester
Bachelor Degree  700 and 3500 CHF
Masters Degree  700 and 2000 CHF

Overview of Cost of Living in Switzerland

The average cost of living in Switzerland will vary depending on where you live. Bern, Geneva, or Zurich in Switzerland are expensive cities. The Switzerland living cost for students living in these cities will be more than 2,055 CHF.

Below we mentioned the cost of living in Switzerland for Bhutanese students, which will ultimately vary according to their needs.

Expenses Monthly Expenses
Accommodation 1000 CHF
Food 500 CHF
Transportation 70 to 200 CHF
Personal Expense 1500 – 2500 CHF
Health Insurance 400 CHF

Swiss Student Visa Requirements for Bhutanese Students

You must meet all requirements for a student visa in Switzerland. Otherwise, the student may lose a Swiss visa if he fails to meet the needs. For your convenience, we have created a Switzerland student visa requirement for Bhutanese.

1. Documents Required

You must present all documents at the Swiss Embassy along with your application for a visa. Documents must be in English or any of Switzerland’s national languages – French or German. The following is a list of the Switzerland study visa requirement to obtain a student visa:

  • Acceptance letter from any Swiss university or college
  • Validity of passport beyond three months duration
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees
  • Recent passport photographs
  • Valid health insurance
  • Proof of funds for Switzerland student visa (bank statement, scholarship & education loan if applicable)
  • Update your Curriculum Vitae (or resume)
  • Letter of Motivation
  • After studies are finished, a written agreement is required to leave Switzerland.

2. Financial Requirement

You must meet specific Switzerland student visa financial requirements to qualify for a visa. Before starting your course, you must have enough funds in your bank account – USD 21,466 or INR 1702671. You must give details of any scholarships or education loans you received to finance your studies in Switzerland.

3. Language Requirement
You must pass an English proficiency test if you are not a native English speaker. Students must take the IELTS or TOEFL test to obtain a study visa in Switzerland.

4. IELTS Band Score

Most universities in Switzerland accept the primary language test. Students applying for student visas to Switzerland, the band score for IELTS is 5.5.

5. Minimum Age Requirement

You must be 18 to apply for a long-stay National Visa in Switzerland (D Type). If you are under 18 and want to apply for the short-stay Schengen Visa, you must provide

  • a birth certificate,
  • a consent form signed by your parents, and
  • Scanned copies of their passports.

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