Study MBBS In Bangladesh

Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh is an increasingly popular choice for prospective medical students in India and globally. Studying MBBS in Bangladesh provides a favourable atmosphere for learning medicine thanks to its low tuition costs and high-quality education. The nation is home to some of the famous medical universities with cutting-edge infrastructure and qualified professors. The language of instruction is English, which removes any language obstacles for overseas pupils. Bangladesh’s rich cultural variety and hospitable environment offer a great experience for students from various backgrounds.

In addition, the nation’s proximity to India makes it a wise option for Indian students to pursue MBBS from Bangladesh. A lucrative medical career with an international reputation is made possible by choosing to pursue this course.

MBBS in Bangladesh: An Overview at a Glance

Here are the most important details to know while pursuing your MBBS in Bangladesh.

Parameter Details
MBBS duration in Bangladesh The course duration of the MBBS program in Bangladesh is 6 years.
Eligibility Completion of 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
Qualification Exam NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test)
Medium of Instruction English
Total Course Fee Rs 28 – 50 Lacs
Living Cost Rs 75,000 – 1,00,000 Per Year
Mess Fee Rs 90,000 -1,00,000 Per Year

Why Study MBBS in Bangladesh?

There are several reasons why Indian students must pursue their MBBS degree in Bangladesh. Some such reasons are:

  • Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to many other nations, Bangladesh offers medical education at a reasonable price, making it available to students from middle-income families.
  • High-Quality Education: Reputable medical colleges in Bangladesh provide top-notch academic programs and cutting-edge facilities, giving medical students a solid foundation.
  • Language of Instruction: English is the primary language of instruction in medical institutions, allowing students from other countries to study there without encountering language obstacles.
  • Globally Recognised Degrees: Major medical authorities worldwide recognise MBBS degrees from Bangladeshi colleges, allowing graduates to practice medicine anywhere.
  • Experienced Faculty: Medical colleges in Bangladesh offer highly skilled and experienced faculty.
  • Cultural Diversity: Studying in Bangladesh exposes students to various cultural experiences that help them develop broader perspectives about life and healthcare.
  • South Asian proximity: Students may study medical procedures in nearby South Asian nations thanks to the country’s location, which broadens their knowledge of medicine.
Study MBBS in Bangladesh

MBBS in Bangladesh Vs MBBS in India

Choosing between studying MBBS in Bangladesh and India involves weighing various factors. Here’s a comparison to help students make an informed decision:

Aspect MBBS in Bangladesh MBBS in India
Tuition Fees Affordable compared to many countries Varies widely depending on college
Medium of Instruction English English and regional language
Admission Process Direct admission in some college Entrance exam and counseling process
Recognition Globally recognised degrees Recognised within India and some countries
Cost of Living Generally lower compared to India Varies depending on the city and lifestyle
Cultural Experiences Rich cultural diversity Diverse cultural diversity
Career Opportunities Opportunities globally and in South Asia Vast opportunities within India
Internship Completed in Bangladesh Completed in India

NMC / MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has many colleges approved by the NMC and MCI (Medical Council of India). Here are some renowned medical colleges in Bangladesh recognised by MCI. 

Green Life Medical College
Green Life Medical College
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
Anwer Khan Modern Medical College
City Medical College
City Medical College

These NMC and MCI-approved colleges are considered to be the best medical colleges in Bangladesh for Indian students and offer them a solid foundation in medical knowledge. The collaboration between these top medical colleges in Bangladesh and the regulatory bodies ensures that the graduates possess the qualifications to practice medicine in Bangladesh and beyond and contribute meaningfully to the global healthcare landscape.

MBBS in Bangladesh Fees Structure 2023-24

The cost of an MBBS in Bangladesh varies from one college to another. However, the average cost for the five-year program is between INR 28 lakhs and INR 50 lakhs per year. The costs include tuition, lodging, meals, and other incidentals. The Bangladesh MBBS fees are relatively lower than private medical colleges in India, making it an affordable option for Indian students. Bangladesh MBBS fees for Indian students are far less than that in other nations like China, Russia, etc. Because of this, Bangladesh is a well-liked choice for Indian students looking for an economical medical education.

MBBS Admission Process In Bangladesh: How To Apply

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) oversees the MBBS admissions process in Bangladesh and follows a set protocol for both domestic and foreign applicants. Here is a summary of the admission process for MBBS admission in Bangladesh for Indian students:

  • 01
    Eligibility Criteria

    Candidates must fulfill specific requirements to be considered for admission. They must have successfully finished high school or comparable education with a foundation in science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

  • 02

    Both the DGHS website and the websites of the individual medical institutions provide the application for admission to the MBBS program. Typically, the application is made accessible throughout the admissions period.

  • 03
    Admission Exam

    For MBBS admission in Bangladesh, Bangladesh has a central admission exam to qualify applicants. International applicants for the MBBS program in Bangladesh must also take this test at designated testing locations in Bangladesh or their home countries.

  • 04
    Results and Merit List

    Based on the performance of the applicants, the DGHS publishes the admission exam results and creates a merit list.

  • 05
    Counselling and Seat Allotment

    Candidates who place high enough on the merit list are then invited to counselling sessions. Students get to select their favourite medical institutions during counselling depending on their rankings and the number of seats available.

MBBS Admission Eligibility Criteria in Bangladesh

Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh has become an attractive option for Indian students. However, there are specific eligibility criteria that aspirants must meet. Let’s delve into the necessary qualifications:


  • Academic Requirements: At least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) during 12th. For SC/ST/OBC candidates, it’s 40%. PCB must be in 11th & 12th.
  • NEET: A valid qualifying score in NEET is essential.
  • Age Limit: Must be a minimum of 17 years old.

While these are the general eligibility criteria, it is recommended for aspirants to regularly check the official websites of their preferred universities or colleges in Bangladesh for the latest eligibility guidelines before applying. Staying updated ensures a smooth and informed application process.

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Essential Documents Required for MBBS Admission in Bangladesh

When applying for MBBS admission in Bangladesh, ensure you have the following documents ready:

  • 10th Marksheet & Leaving Certificate
  • 12th Marksheet & Leaving Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • NEET Score Card
  • Passport Size Photograph (80% Face & 20% Shoulder) with White Background
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate
  • ID Proof

Remember, it’s crucial to verify the specific requirements with your chosen university or college, as they may have additional documentation requirements. Stay updated for the most accurate information.

Discover Exciting Career Paths After Studying MBBS in Bangladesh

Graduates of MBBS can find multiple career opportunities in Bangladesh after MBBS. Here are some exciting career paths to choose from:

Clinical Practice
Medical Facilities and Research

These graduates can work at prestigious medical facilities not only in Bangladesh but also in India and abroad.


Graduates can specialize in various medical disciplines like cardiology, neurology, or oncology to become experts in their chosen fields.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

MBBS graduates can start their private practices to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Practice Medicine

MBBS graduates from Bangladesh can practice medicine internationally, beyond Bangladesh and India.

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