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Analyzing The Cost of Living in Singapore For Indian Students

Singapore is a popular destination for Indian students to study abroad. Singapore is widely recognized as one of the safest and lowest crime countries in the entire world. Thanks to its excellent judicial system, Singapore provides a haven for students seeking higher education abroad. Singapore’s high-quality education, standard of living, and healthcare system attract students worldwide.

The cost of living in Singapore for Indian students should be the first thing on your mind when applying to any college or university in Singapore. The affordability of the best course in Singapore for Indian students is critical in determining whether or not to pursue admission abroad. Prospective students should, therefore, carefully examine the costs involved. Although some cities in Singapore can be expensive, it is not recommended to choose a location randomly. Aspirants should create a financial plan which includes rent prices, food and transportation costs, clothing, daily necessities, medical expenses, and other expenses.

The education system in Singapore is regarded as one of the best in the world. Thus, to study in Singapore for Indian students is worthy and valuable. Its renowned universities, such as the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, are ranked in the top twenty of the QS World University Ranking. Every year, it attracts many Indian students for higher education. This article will provide valuable information about the cost of living in Singapore for Indian students.

Average Monthly Cost of living in Singapore

Singapore is a city of modernity with the best amenities. The city boasts a highly sophisticated infrastructure with convenient facilities. Singapore is one of the most expensive cities because it has world-class facilities. The monthly expenses in Singapore for Indians are slightly higher than average. The expenses you will incur in Singapore depend on several factors. These include your average student accommodation cost, whether university living accommodation or choice to live in private accommodations, and where you choose.

Needed Expenses

The cost of living in Singapore for Indians is classified based on your necessary expenses. These include:


The cost of student accommodation in Singapore depends on where you live and what type of accommodation you choose. You can expect to spend between SGD 400 and 500 per month if you live in the residence halls on campus. The typical student dorm can accommodate four to six students. However, live-on-rent apartments in Singapore is an ideal choice. You can choose to share or live alone in the accommodation. The cost of student accommodation off-campus accommodation depends on its location and amenities. The student accommodation in Singapore on Rent for off-campus housing can range from SGD 900 to 2600 per month.


Singapore is known for its world-class and affordable health system. Health insurance is available to expats and international students for unplanned medical expenses. As a foreigner in Singapore, you can pay between SGD 920 and SGD 5,015 annually to buy health insurance. Maximum coverage is between SDG 900,000.00 and SDG 2.5 million.


You will also have to pay for food for your daily living expenses. Meal plans cost between SGD 90 and 120 per month and are the best way to reduce food costs. Meal plans can vary and may not include all meals. You can buy meals at university canteens and food courts for approximately SGD 250-350 monthly. The costs may change if you live off campus and cook in a student living apartment.


Singapore is known for its urbane and sophisticated transportation services. With an extensive bus network and frequent buses that stop at every corner, getting around the city is easy. The six Metro Rail Transit lines (MRT) cover over 130 local stations, making commuting a breeze. You can get a monthly pass to the MRT for only SGD 45. Monthly bus passes are about SGD 52. Your total monthly transportation expenses will be about SGD 95.

What are the Additional Costs to Consider?

The lifestyle you lead will determine any additional expenses. You can easily adjust your finances for an extra SGD 200 or SGD 400 to cover any additional living costs in Singapore.

Use your student card for discounts in clothing stores, museums, and cinemas. You can also save money by purchasing used textbooks from seniors or downloading soft copies.

Tips on How to Reduce the Cost of Living in Singapore

Singapore’s cost of living is moderate, but it is not cheap. This is especially true for students who come from countries where the exchange rate may be low. Here are some tips to help you lower your overall cost of living in Singapore for Indian students.

• Students pursuing a Ph.D. or graduating from one of Singapore’s prominent institutions may consider living in their dormitory to save money.
• Students can use public transportation instead of paying for private transport or share trips with their peers. This will help international students reduce their living costs.
• Eating at expensive restaurants and cafes regularly can be very costly. You must therefore make a cost-effective choice. Both the university cafeteria as well as street food is significantly less expensive. Certain bars and restaurants charge more for drinks or dinner.
• Students can work up to 20 hours per week part-time in Singapore. Many businesses and workplaces hire students as interns or freelancers. You can support yourself and pay for your living costs in Singapore.


Singapore’s educational infrastructure is renowned for its quality and universities. It is a top destination for students around the world. The island nation is among the most expensive places to live due to a lack of land resources and scarcity. Understanding the Indian student life in Singapore will help students to prepare for their financial future before they commit to a course. Students can save money on living expenses in Singapore by following these tips!

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